Barefoot Monologues

A Journey of the Sole

Running Injury #382

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I hurt my foot while running long, several days ago,
Exactly when it came about I’m sure that I don’t know.
I limp at work and limp back home, I wince and I complain;
My body doesn’t see I have no time for sprains or strains.

Next week I have a Fun-Run with a Barefoot Superstar,
And in two weeks a 5k, right up the street, not far.
Three weeks from now it’s International Barefoot Runner’s Day,
And I’m supposed to lose my shoes and run for five more k.

The sun is out, the birds all chirp, “It’s spring, come out and run!”
My friends post miles on Facebook, they’re having so much fun.
How sad I am, and longing to wear my running shoes today,
But I know if I’m not patient, I’ll be gimpy all through May.

So when I’m back, it’s barefoot time, at least for part of the way;
No uphills, downhills for awhile, at least not like Great Bay.
My cadence high, my feet relaxed, how graceful I will be;
Oh how I wish that was today, this wait is killing me!

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