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Today’s Trail Run Brought to You by: Solid Ice.


Only in New England can you go 4 trail miles out and back and run through dirt, sand, mud, sheer ice, snow and flood waters in the same day.


  • Number of miles run: 8
  • Number of times I stopped to pee: 1 (not even two miles in…too much coffee)
  • Number of GUs consumed : 2
  • Number of times I had to walk/slide through sheets of ice: 4
  • Number of times I had to wade through knee-deep water: 2
  • Number of other runners on the trail: 1
This was the first time I’ve run 8 miles since my stint of injuries earlier this year. Basically every long run from here on out is going to be my longest since then, until they just become my longest runs ever. I was tired when I was through – trails are easier on my feet but harder on my leg muscles, which is good. But I didn’t feel dead, like I remember feeling last year during Half Marathon training. I’m taking that as a good sign.

This was also the first time I’d ever run the trails by Lake Massabesic, and they go out pretty far. But I’m not sure I really knew what to expect. And I figured I’d be out for awhile so I took pictures of my experience.

The run started off so well. Aw, look how pretty those trees are, and the soft pine needles on the ground. Awww.

Lake Massabesic is just so pretty this time of year, isn't it? It was nice to start out the run meandering through the sites.

The trail didn't stay nice for long. About a quarter mile down it started to get gnarly. I didn't think there would still be so much ice, since it's all melted near my house 10 miles away. Snow racers come through a lot and draw lines in the trails, that ice over. Makes it hard to find a spot not to slip on.

A couple miles in, I come across this bullshit. You can't see it here, but there's lake on both sides of the path and currently this section of the path has become one with the lake. I had to cross it twice, soaking myself up to my knees in slushy water. I cursed myself the whole time for not choosing the wool socks.

A half mile from my turnaround point, I saw this sign. Yeah, tell em! I wish those smart folks could be hired to write highway signs.

My turnaround point. Those trees are tall. That's all.

No, that is not poop on my shoes. It's mud and dirt and hard work. And my Vivos match the rocks.

Before dealing with the puddle-o-doom for the second time, I crossed a bridge and really liked the view of the lake from it. The first time I crossed the bridge there was a man out on the ice. Now he's gone. I'll try not to think too much into that.

Yeah - that's all ice. Fun times. I walked that stretch.

I ran out of water in the last two miles. I wondered to myself if that was drinkable*

*And speaking of that, did you see this video yet? Shit Ultrarunners Say. Hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Trail Run Brought to You by: Solid Ice.

  1. Wow.. looks like you ran into it all! How did the Vivo’s hold up to the abuse? Besides that, sure is beautiful.. 🙂

    • I really like the Neo Trails. I’m almost ready to review them, I think. I’ve put a few tough miles on them and they haven’t let me down.

      • Me too.. especially for a snow/winter shoe… I am going to do a follow up review once I run more in them (and it snows more)… I really am enjoying the Merrell trail gloves though… aside from wishing they had the aggressive tread of the NEO’s, they are great..

  2. The Neo Trails held up better than the Trail gloves for icy trail.

    How did you manage to walk on ice? I always find it easier to run on ice – the whole centre of gravity and foot placement. My running club thinks it funny I can run quickly on ice, but as soon as I stop and walk I am flat on my arse. 😉

    • Well Kate – we all know you are a special kind of talent. 🙂 It was more like a controlled sliding across those areas. I did run on most of the ice, but those patches had a fine layer of water on them (because of the warm day) that made it extra slippery. I was astonished to complete the run and never once land on my tush.

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