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For My Friend, the White Horse


‎”WE are the messengers. Fueled by the message we carry. When the message is of Truth/Beauty, love, Hope and Peace, we will always have the strength to find our ways home, on this, our beautiful Mother Earth. Run Free!”
-Micah True, March 26, 2012

Run close, my friend,  to the mountains
Stay ever a heartbeat away
Cover the low moon with your wings
And walk tomorrow’s miles today

Watch the sun race the purple sky
And know you’ll pass her once again
When time frees your soul and you find
the fabled trail that doesn’t end

Dust ascends on the horizon
A deep, rumbling thunder without rain
The sound of rampant hearts, a legion
Earthly, feral and unconstrained

The search will end as it began
A trail of footprints, a bird and a feather
When a white horse dies on a sandy road
All wild hearts mourn together

For Micah True (Caballo Blanco) – 1953-2012

3 thoughts on “For My Friend, the White Horse

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  2. Would love to see Micah’s quote on a tshirt with the white-cloud-horse picture. The proceeds could go to his foundation. For now, I am having my own made and just making a donation. But I bet a lot of people would love to run in such a shirt, especially knowing the proceeds would support causes Micah believed in.

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