Barefoot Monologues

A Journey of the Sole

A Lemming’s Argument


Three people have sent this image to me this week:

And each time I laughed a little.

It’s silly and funny, and it’s flattering to know that people think of me whenever the subject of barefoot running is brought up or joked about.

I get it.

. . .


The average person looks at a pair of “toe shoes” and automatically thinks:

“wow, those are weird.”

We all agree that Vibram FiveFinger shoes are weird-looking.


Well…but what’s the logic in that, anyway?

They’re shoes, shoes shaped like feet. Feet, which are a lot like the feet we all have beneath our ankles. We see them and walk on them every day. So…why would something that’s shaped like a foot freak us out so much?

*scratches head*

. . .

So, by definition, we should all agree that GLOVES look weird too!

Don’t we?



. . .


Nobody thinks that gloves look weird, because nobody TOLD US to think that gloves look weird.

Another mystery solved.

6 thoughts on “A Lemming’s Argument

  1. Not look weird. Okay, they look a little weird. But only, as you say, because they’re not common. But they FEEL weird. Because I don’t have stuff between my toes. Not when I’m barefoot, not in shoes. It feels weird to have my toes pushed apart.

  2. If you haven’t seen this you might find it funny.

  3. I think people don’t think gloves look wierd because people independantly use their fingers (though some people wear mittens) and don’t generally choose to use their toes as independent digits. Oh and toe socks aren’t wierd, they’re cute.

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