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Protect {Prompted}

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The following post is part of what I hope will be an ongoing writing exercise that my friend Kathy and I have decided to undertake together. We are currently choosing topics from a list of prompts that can be found here. I intend to use a varying array of writing styles and techniques, and to limit my editing. Therefore many of these posts may not look anything like the rest of the stuff I write on this blog. I’m okay with that, if you are. I invite those of you with blogs of your own to participate with us! But if you’re not into it that’s okay too. I’ll title these posts differently so they are easy to skip past if you wish to do so. And as always, thanks for reading!

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Protect. Protection.

Protection can mean so many different things. Have so many connotations. It can be real or imagined. It can be beneficial
or it can be detrimental. It all depends on how you picture it.


Protection can mean a way to stay safe from inclement weather.


Or even good weather.


Too much protection can sometimes make you soft.


Or keep you from enjoying life.


Sometimes protection is an illusion.


Or a down-right lie.

health insurance

And all too often, protection costs a lot more than it’s worth.


The illusion of protection can sometimes even cost you your life.


Protection can assist you with your best (and worst) life decisions.

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

Some protections are considered your right.


Some protections take away your rights.


Usually, your protectors are the good guys.


But they can be bad guys, too.

guard dog

But more often than not, your best friend is the greatest protection you’ll ever have.

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