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Review and Giveaway: Earth Runners Circadian Sandal



A few weeks back I was approached by Earth Runners to review the newest in their line of minimalist sandals. Until that point I had only peripherally heard of the company, and didn’t really know much about their brand of sandals. But I said yes because the more I looked into them, I realized the Earth Runner sandal is different from a lot of the other Tahuramara-inspired minimalist sandals out there, in two big ways:

The Lacing

It looks a lot like the kind of lacing that you’ve seen in other huarache-style sandals, but the system is a little different. The sturdy toe strap slides between your first and second toe and goes on to create the heel strap much like all the others, but then it comes across your ankle just once and is then strapped in by a nifty push buckle on the outside. It makes for a very clean look that is easily adjustable and very secure. No sliding, no pinching, no tying. And best of all, the closure system assures that the heel strap never slides off my heel: bonus!


The Copper

Earth Runners subscribes to the concept of earthing, which is the idea that utilizing the ground’s electrical energy can help maintain our health and well-being.  To keep us connected to the earth below us, Earth Runners has installed special conductive copper plugs into the rubber soles and laces of their sandals, and has even “impregnated” the straps themselves with conductive material.


I’m not really sure where I stand on the whole earthing concept, but I would have to say that it can’t be bad for me, so why not? If nothing else, a little placebo never hurt anybody. That aside, I like my Earth Runners a lot more than I expected to, and I really do find myself wearing them everywhere. I definitely wear them least as often as my favorite Lunas, and that’s saying something. The Circadian model, which is the one I received, has a distinctively feminine vibe to my eyes (although, yes, they are unisex). Most other huarache-style sandals can tend to feel masculine or utilitarian to me. When I walk around in my Circadians, I feel like I’m wearing a regular sandal that goes quite well, fashion-wise, with the casual summer skirts and dresses I like to wear. And the best part is I’m still getting the benefits of a great minimalist, zero-drop huarache. And the benefits of grounding, as well.

I haven’t run in these sandals (they’re just too pretty!), although I know that many people do, and they’re built well enough for running. They have a 6mm thick, really grippy Vibram rubber sole that comes out of the box already partly molded to the natural shape of your foot. I really liked that, because flat rubber sandals can sometimes feel floppy and wobbly (which is why I usually prefer sandals with suede or leather over the rubber), but the gentle curvature in the sole of the Circadian gives my foot a nice seat.


I’ve taken my dog for several road and trail walks in these and I like the ground feel and the sticky slip protection they provide. The guys over at Earth Runners was also more than happy to cut the sole to a drawing I had of my feet, so they fit just perfectly, which is such a bonus for me and my monkey feet!

The Earth Runners Circadian model (and the Birkenstock-soled Alpha, too) is available currently on Support the startup, y’all! It’s only there until June 2! A few weeks after the kickstarter campaign is over, the two new models will be available for sale on the Earth Runners website.

earthrunnersClick on the image above to head over to the Kickstarter site!

And just to get you all excited about these fantastic sandals, I’m going to give away a pair of Circadians OR Alphas to one lucky reader. Yay! We all love giveaways, don’t we?

*   *   *

This contest will run until Friday, May 31st. There are five ways to enter:

  • 1 ENTRY for posting a comment: tell me why you want a pair of Earth Runners, and where you’ll take them! Or ask a question if you’ve got one.
  • 1 ENTRY PER DAY for sharing this giveaway on Facebook (please leave a separate comment with the URL to the FB page). You may share it more than once and earn a separate entry.
  • 1 ENTRY PER DAY for tweeting about this giveaway (please leave a separate comment with the URL to your tweet). You may tweet more than once and earn a separate entry.
  • 1 ENTRY for liking the Earth Runners page on Facebook: (leave a separate comment to tell me you’ve done this)
  • 1 ENTRY for following my blog (please leave a separate comment to tell me you’ve done this so I can verify)

On Friday I will tally up the comments by number and let choose the winner for me. The lucky winner can choose one pair of either the Circadian or Alpha sandal (pictured above). Winner should email me at and I’ll get you all set up!

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

42 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Earth Runners Circadian Sandal

  1. I am following your blog for an entry.

  2. I liked the earthrunners FB page for an entry.

  3. and shared on FB for an entry! Woohoo!

  4. I would love these sandals to take home with me to Austin, TX.

  5. Wow these sandals look awesome! I want them to help my barefoot running!

  6. I like the Earth Runners page on Facebook

  7. Wow , great post, I could wear these while hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

  8. I am following you now on FaceBook.

  9. These look like great sandals, especially the circadian. I love the fact that they are a Kickstarter initiative and have already garnered some great buzz!

  10. I’ve liked the Earth Runners Facebook page for an entry. (actually twice, as I liked them as my FB page “Yuri in a Hurry” as well)

  11. And I follow your awesome blog!

  12. Already follow you, girlfriend.

  13. Following EarthRunners on FB, too.

  14. Shared giveaway on FB.

  15. Tweeted about the giveaway.

  16. Why do I want a pair? Well, I told you already that I really like the look of these. They seem to have fixed my biggest problem about the copper buttons by getting them off of touching your skin (where they can literally burn you — it’s happened to me). I really, really like the lacing system. I am kinda dying to know if it is as comfortable as it looks. And right at this particular time, my current sandals have no tread and I’m running trails and something grippy would give me a LOT more confidence going downhill. PICK ME!!

  17. You know I’ve been curious about some huarache-style shoes! Would I like to try these? You bet! They look aesthetically pleasing, and I like how the straps and buckles remind me of my backpack. 🙂

  18. Thought I was already following you, but it asked me to follow you again. Huh?? How did I miss that? Anyway following you now (again)

  19. So I would try them on the new trails in Derbyshire and try to win over the locals to running in sandals 😉 hey, I introduced them to InkNBurn – I can do it.

  20. Did my follow comment get deleted – if not delete this one.

  21. Shared on FB – I was a little out of it, so I don’t know if that post made any sense.

  22. I’d like to try them because they look comfortable.

  23. Now Following your blog!

  24. liked earth runners on Facebook!

  25. I would love to have a pair to use on my beach runs this summer!

  26. I despise raised-heel shoes, but have yet to find a good pair of nearly-barefoot ones for walking that are cheap enough for my student budget! I’m looking into making my own with car tyres, but for more durability, I’ve been lusting after these for ages. Last summer I wore a pair of espadrilles (and my feet) completely out by walking 50k across the Czech countryside.. I’ll wear these to visit Rip again, and to dance across other European destinations (walking trails in the UK, Croatia, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia) in greater comfort and groundedness!

  27. ps. I have also followed your blog.

  28. I have now also ‘liked’ the earth runners fb page.

  29. I think these would be perfect for our atv rides, hiking and arrow head hunts. I have been looking for a comfortable barely there sandal. Hope I win the drawing.

  30. It really helps to post a photo of your foot in the sandal, thanks!

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