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Review: INKnBURN Tech Tube


Modeling for Instagram.

I know a lot of you runners like to wear hats on sunny days, especially in San Diego you all seem to swear by them. But, I don’t like them. They feel hot and big and binding on my head, I feel like I can’t see everything with the visor in my way, and…alright I’ll say it…they’re just not feminine. But I’m not an idiot (well, not most of the time), so I know that especially on hot, sunny days, I need something to protect my head and keep sweat out of my eyes. Sometimes I can’t stand anything on my head at all because it’s too hot, but otherwise, I prefer to wear tube-shaped head wraps. And since I’m such a big fan of INKnBURN, you know I had to try out their tech tube.

Like all the other INKnBURN products, the Tech Tube is super adorable. It comes in everyone’s favorite designs like Current (the style I have) and Lust, and it looks great (it goes really well with my new Leaf Tech Shirt, by the way). Just look at these tech tubes on InB’s beautiful clothing model, Holly Miller!


Holly looks great in everything!

The tech tube is also really versatile. You can wear it as a headband, under or over your hair. You can wear it around your neck and face as a gaiter on cold days. You can un-bunch it and cover your whole head. You can wear it around your wrist to dab sweat from your face. If you’re skinny enough, you can even use it as a belt to hold small items (I’ve seen my friend Krista do this with a buff).

tubealoneInB’s tech tube is made out of the same material as their tech shirts: lightweight polyester mesh. You know, that sweat-wicking fabric everyone likes. And as advertised, the fabric does absorb and wick sweat from your body. But as a comparison to other head wraps I’ve used, which are made of cotton blends, the InB tech tube seems to hold in more warmth. Because of this, I think it would probably be best suited for cooler days. It’s also a little less stretchy than other head wraps, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you wear it and the size/shape of your head. My head is rather small, and my hair is fine and quite silky/slippery. The combination of those two things means that on a windy day, my tech tube doesn’t stay put on my head. I almost lost it last week when I ran at the beach!

That said, almost nothing ever stays put on my pin-like, silky little head. People with less pin-like heads and/or thicker hair always tend to have less of an issue than me.

To combat the slip-off, I will often wear low pigtails or a pair of messy buns to hold the tube in place, toward the front of my head. Or I bunch a majority of the fabric to the front of my forehead, close to my eyebrows, which keeps the tube leveraged correctly. A head wrap hardly does any good keeping sweat away if it’s behind your hairline, anyhow.


Holding the tech tube on my head with some messy buns.

Hot yoga class is my favorite place to wear the tech tube. I sweat my butt off in that class and the tech tube covers up my yucky sweaty head, and keeps me from having to dab my face every thirty seconds.

Outside of exercise, I like to wear my INKnBURN tech tube as a fashion accessory. It’s pretty enough to wear with my yoga pants and a t-shirt (the SoCal uniform) when I run errands around town or to cover up a bad hair day. Which I have a lot of, now that I work from home and have become too lazy to use my hairdryer.

Check out all the tech tube styles on INKnBURN’s website!

And also, check me out on a St. Patrick’s Day run in the new INKnBURN craze: the Leaf Tech Shirt! Looks awesome, and it’s well-timed too…since green is Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year.

And yes, my socks do say “BEER” on them.



Review: INKnBURN Handheld


I received a Handheld bottle holder from the lovely folks at INKnBURN a couple of weeks back. The nifty neoprene pouch came in one of my favorite INKnBURN design patterns, the Sugar Skull. I absolutely love it.

These days I prefer to run with a handheld bottle over a hydration pack or belt, unless it’s really hot and I’m going on a very long run. I bring my bottle with me on any run over four or five miles. INKnBURN’s handheld fits really well over my favorite Ultimate Direction 16 ounce bottle (note: this item does not come with a water bottle, but they offer one for $5 on the site), and I like it better than the cover I got with the bottle, so I’ve kept it. Why? Well…

  • The stretchy neoprene fabric is much softer and more comfortable. I don’t want to go back to the old bottle holder now. This is not something I pictured myself saying, but there it is.
  • The all-over fabric insulates the bottle: keeps water cool longer without freezing my hand off. Also, it absorbs condensation from the bottle and sweat from my hands, which keeps the bottle from slipping.
  • Unlike most other bottle covers, this one is actually easy to put on the bottle and take off. This is useful when you want to wash the bottle but not have a yucky wet cover during your run.
  • It fits just about any bottle, even the large 20 ounce ones. That way you can switch bottles and still use the same holder.
  • The pockets are large and plentiful. The strap has a pocket that will hold gels or a key, and there is a really large foldover pocket on the front that can hold things as large as an iPhone (yup, it’s true!). The fabric is super stretchy. I usually use it for tissues and spare cash.
  • Adjustable strap with convenient thumb hole. I don’t typically use it, but I know that a lot of people like the thumb hole in the strap.
  • It’s attractive! You can wear your favorite INKnBURN design on your hand! So much prettier than the plain, always dirty-looking bottle holders that you usually see.


Most importantly, I like to ask myself this question before posting my review: After trying this item for free, would I actually buy it? Even at $39.95 a pop, I still would buy this handheld holder. I know what you’re thinking: the price is a tad stiff. But just like anything from INKnBURN, what you get for that price is a top-quality, 100% American Made product, backed by an insanely creative team of real people with a commitment to innovative products, beautiful design and excellent customer service. This is not some cheap crap made in Taiwan by a 12 year old getting paid 75 cents a day: it’s INKnBURN. Know what the “n “ stands for? NOTCRAP.

Sorry, I really wanted that joke to work out better.

Check out some of the other colorful designs that INKnBURN offers in the handheld holder!



Review: INKnBURN Women’s Athletic Clothing

I just counted, and I actually own eight (yes, that’s 8) pieces of clothing from INKnBURN. Wow. I’m a total addict. It seems like I’ve been contemplating putting this review together forever. But now I think it’s high time that I take a few moments and talk about my absolute favorite clothing line. Ever.

Several months ago lovely INKnBURN owner, Megan, contacted me to ask if I would test a couple of their new running skirts. At the time I’d all but given up on running skirts because they fit me weird and caused chafing problems that I don’t want to talk about. Don’t ask. But I said yes because…well…it is INKnBURN – the one and only premier ultra-marathon runner clothing company. Plus I’d already heard great things about their skirts and still had high hopes of finding a good one.

Well I found two, actually. Megan sent me the “Peacock” skirt and the “Lust” skirt, both gorgeously colorful and fashion-statement-y in their own completely different ways. I reviewed them here. Since then I’ve become a totally nerdy INKnBURN super-fan, and the more I wear their clothes the more I love them. Now that I work from home, I wear something from INKnBURN almost every day of the week, whether I’m running or not. I’ve also been lucky enough to befriend Megan and her awesome husband, co-owner Rob, go see their amazing shop, and let them unknowingly half-support my addiction to high quality athletic clothing. (I say half-support because I’ve definitely made a few purchases of my own along the way. Don’t tell my husband how many.)

I don’t have every item INKnBURN makes, but I’ve made an effort to gather most of their warm-weather items to make one big compilation review (my hoarding is for a good cause after all…see?). And for the sake of this review I even had hubby photograph me wearing the clothes. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my blog. Sigh.

I’d apologize about the photos, but you’ve had fair warning.

Why I Love Them

Before I get in to the meat of the review, I want to talk briefly about this company’s uniqueness. One of the major reasons I love INKnBURN is because of their pursuit of quality in both craftsmanship and design. Every single item of clothing that is sold to you from INKnBURN comes from their little manufacturing office right here in southern California. They buy bolts of expensive, high-quality fabrics and painstakingly press the designs onto each and every section of each shirt, skirt and short, through a process called dye sublimation.

The time it takes to create each piece is nothing like what you’d see in a typical large-yield manufacturing plant, and the end result is a truly well-made article of clothing with a design on it that was made to fit your shirt, in your size. Not to mention the design is “burned” into the fabric, so there’s nothing blocking the moisture-wicking effect or chafing against your skin.

Another great thing is that the care made to fit these articles is bar-none. It’s like they measured me for some of these clothes, particularly the skirts. Ever try on clothes at a mall store and wonder who the hell they were trying to fit? The proportions of some jeans are all wrong or you can’t get your arms through the sleeves of a t-shirt that should be your size? I hate that.

I also adore the energy and audaciousness INKnBURN puts into the artwork for their clothing. It’s nothing you’ve seen anywhere else (well, except maybe at a trail race, where you can pick out an INKnBURN fan by their richly colorful attire). They’ve got an amazingly talented in-house designer and a seemingly continuous string of new ideas to keep them going, so I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of seeing what they’ll come out with next.

I mean, for example: steam-punk t-shirts. Come on! Freaking awesome.

Tech Shirt

Living in New England, I pretty much never had any use for a short-sleeved shirt. Anywhere, really. I mean, it was either freezing and you were buried under seven layers of fabric, or stifling hot and you wished you were naked. Short-sleeve shirts never had much of a place because, especially when running, they contained just enough fabric to drive me nuts. If I ever wore a t-shirt running, I could be found stuffing the sleeves into the straps of my sports bra after about three minutes. Hated them.

But then again whenever I look at photos of people I know running, they’re usually wearing a t-shirt. So maybe I’m just a weirdo.

But the climate in SoCal is warm (not hot) and dry enough for me to appreciate the sleeved t-shirt again. Like a normal person. So I took the INKnBURN tech shirt out for a spin. The fabric is super light, you can’t even feel much on your shoulders. But it’s there, and it’s providing just that much more sun protection, which is nice for those afternoon runs when the sun is just leaning on you.

The cut on this shirt is very basic. Crew neck, regular sleeve length, cut to mid-hip. I felt the shirt was too short for my taste. Because I tend to wear tight-fitting bottoms running, I feel more comfortable in a top that’s long enough to hit the top of my thighs and cover most of my bum. So, unfortunately I was wearing a tank top under the t-shirt, so I overheated a bit from the extra layers. Might work fine in the winter, but not on a sunny 75 degree afternoon.

I hadn’t even mentioned this to Megan, because it’s just how most tech shirts are made, even all my race-acquired tech shirts are cut shorter than I like. But just this week I headed up to the INKnBURN office for lunch and lo-and-behold…they’ve changed the cut of their women’s tech shirts!

It was like some creepy magic ESP stuff was going on, or something.

Upper Left: old cut. Lower left and right: new, longer cut.

As if reading my mind, they made the shirt a few inches longer than it was before, so now it falls exactly where all my favorite tank tops do. Also they widened the neckline, giving it a more feminine look. I dig the improvement, and the new cut will shortly be replacing the previous one.

Yellow shirt shows the new, wider crewneck opening.

Megan didn’t have a sample of the new cut in my size, but I took home one that was a size up and I’ve been wearing it all day. I am recovering from a sprain so I haven’t run in this shirt yet, but I can tell you that I already know the new cut solves my wear-ability problem, one hundred percent. And not having to wear an under-shirt brings a huge improvement on the breatheability of the shirt. It seems much lighter than most cotton t-shirts I wear.

The old cut on top, new cut underneath.

Tank Top

The women’s tank top is made of the same material as the tech shirt, which is a super light-weight, stretchy micro-mesh. Megan gave me the tank with the iconic “Run or Die” graphic on it, which is pretty much the design that originally put them on the map. So bad-ass. Anyway, the tank is cut with a wide scoop neck and racer-back style. I’d say there’s probably a little more shoulder and back coverage than I’m used to for a tank top, and also it’s shorter, which I already talked about (at time of writing this I don’t know if they’re planning to lengthen the tank top as well). But the shirt still looks great over a running skirt and it kept me cool on a few great beach runs.

I respectfully dislike all the photos hubby took of me in the tank top, so instead I put in the Instagram I took of myself in the (embarrassingly filthy) mirror the day I wore it running at the beach.

Running Skirt

I can’t say enough about the INKnBURN running skirt. I have three now. I wear these things around the house, to the grocery store, to the mall, and on just about every run I go on, ever. After hanging out with me a few times, my friend Kate asked me if I ever wear anything but a running skirt.

The fabric of the skirt itself is a sort of criss-cross mesh, a little sturdier than the shirts. The compression shorts underneath are made of a slightly thicker spandex material, the kind of fabric that really holds on to you. If, like me, you’re not a stick figure, you’re probably wondering about the chafing factor. In the beginning of my run I will have to adjust the hem of the shorts here and there, but once I get going and start to sweat, the fabric stays put. In fact I ran a 50K in my INKnBURN Peacock skirt and had absolutely no chafing. The waistband is a nice, wide panel with a built-in elastic band that you can pull and tie tighter if necessary. This skirt tends to run a size large, so order down.

The new “Rock’n’Roll” style skirt I bought myself for a recent race.

The skirt is a lot more substantial than all the others I’ve seen out there, with bigger pockets and more complex fabrics. Some have found the skirt to be warm, but truthfully I’ve never thought that.

Here’s a detail shot of the fabric on the skirt and shorts.

Like their other clothing items, the INKnBURN running skirt costs more than most ($75). But I’m telling you, it’s worth it. After having spent so much time practically living in my INKnBURN running skirts, I have absolutely no problem spending the money on more. I feel this way about most items they offer, but more so with the skirt. You’re just not going to find anything more comfortable out there.

Women’s Shorts

I almost didn’t try the shorts because I really don’t like running in shorts. I don’t like how they ride up and look bad, and I especially dislike the chafing. Well, these shorts are very short so you can’t avoid chafing. But if you’re good with the BodyGlide or have legs like a Barbie Doll then these shorts are pretty darn fantastic.

My first thoughts on these shorts is that they’re so light. So cool. It feels like there’s just nothing to them (probably because there isn’t – they’re very short!). But I don’t feel naked in them, either. The shorts are made of a similar material as the running skirt (although it feels a little lighter so perhaps it is), and they have a built in skivvy so you don’t have to wear underwear. They have the same wide, fold-over-able waistband that the skirt does, too. I prefer to leave the waistband up because I like my running bottoms to go right up to my waist. It’s good to have that versatility, though. I like the curved stripe design on the back of the shorts, too, it’s quite cool and flattering.

And for your information, the shorts do not run large like the skirt, so go ahead and order your regular size.

In case you’re wondering, yes I did rub some of the black dye off the back of these. That would be from sliding down ten feet of sheer rock on my bum. I can’t recommend doing that, in any type of clothing.

Denim Capris

The newest craze over at INKnBURN is their “denim” line. They’ve got shorts, skirts, pants and capris now that have a denim print on them, which is pretty cool and truly convincing. Megan gave me a pair of the capris and they’re wonderful. They’re made of the same stretch fabric as the compression shorts they put under the running skirts. Same foldover waistband. But they look like jeans so if I wear them to run errands I don’t look like I just threw on a pair of yoga pants like a lazy ass. Even though I did.

The capris have a cool Asian-inspired design on them that’s in the same vein as their “Lust” design, as well as “pockets” in the back and front. There’s even a “button fly” at the front, which is so cute. There’s two generous (real) pockets in front for carrying stuff.

I found these pants to be longer than I’d expected. Most of the capri pants I like to run in stop just below my knee. As a result these feel more like running tights than capris, so they might be great for winter running. But right now I’ve mostly been wearing them to do things other than running, such as yoga, shopping, and paired with a cotton tee while I work all day at home and want to be comfortable. I look forward to running in them when the weather cools a bit. My friend Vanessa loves hers, and has even run a couple of ultras in them.

Again these also come true to size. You may find the waist band to be a little snug like I do, especially if you don’t have one of those tiny waists, so order the size you usually wear.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure what else I can say about these athletic clothes. The cool people over at INKnBURN have gifted me with many of the items I talked about today, but I have been back to purchase more because I simply love them. I do want to point out that besides some test samples, I’m not being paid, befriended or otherwise coerced (not even with chocolate!) to write a falsely positive review. I walk around San Diego looking like an INKnBURN ad because I’m just a die-hard fan and I want to wear their clothes. The quality is there, the styles are growing by the minute, and I appreciate feeling like my hard-earned cash is going toward something that will last awhile. And I truly believe that a wider audience of runners and athletes deserve to hear about this company.

So get out there and wear some INKnBURN!


Guest Post: Function and Fashion for Running Dudes

by Brad Waterson
My name is Brad and I’m a a runner.  I’ll run anywhere.  Trails, roads, 5ks, 10Ks, half marys, ultras.  I’ve completed 2 half marathons (one of them barefoot) and just recently, a 50K Ultra marathon.  I’m currently finishing up 120 consecutive days of running, as a challenge I highly recommend.  I’ve been a minimal/barefoot/bareform runner for almost 2 years now. I’m 100% certain that my careful transition to bareform running has allowed me to accomplish all of my running goals without (knock on wood) any running-related injury.
Trisha’s blog is great at giving you the woman’s barefoot running perspective.  She has recently posted an article on women’s running fashion at and since she offered to let me guest post, I thought it was time to bring a dude’s perspective to running fashion.  So without further ado, here is this dude’s take on guys’ running gear.

Brad finishing his first 50k, in his BI3 shorts and Buff doo-rag.

My Functional Gear Criteria

My running clothes need to be as minimal as legally and practically possible.  That means warm and light or cool and light depending on the season.  The one exception to this for me is pockets.  I need a place to store a light snack or phone or TP.  A big one for me is I need a secure bombproof pocket for my car keys.  I am obsessed with losing my keys on the trail to the point of distraction sometimes.

My Fashion Criteria

I’m an extrovert.  I need attention. Maybe this is the only-child coming out in me.  I’m also a middle to back of the pack runner.  I need to dress faster because I can’t run faster.  I absolutely love loud colors and loud designs.  They just look fast.  Nothing is more annoying than black tech wear and that is pretty much what you get for men’s running gear.

My Current Go-To Gear (mostly functional, but i try to spice it up)

For the most part, I find myself in the as-minimal-as-legal gear these days.  In the summer, that means any old tech race tee or bare on the top.  I’m a guy who likes to be well-ventilated.  On the bottom is typically a pair of BI3s.   My Brook’s Infinity III shorts (or BI3s) are short split shorts.  They are as close to naked as I am willing to get on a run, and they are great.  They kept the kibbles and bit cool on my 50K, and with a little Body Glide, I had no chafing issues.  They are brilliant in hot weather and they have pockets too.  They even have one of those little swimsuit pockets on the waistband that does a decent job of holding the car keys.  The definitely get me noticed because they show A LOT of leg.  The amount of leg shown can be sometimes problematic around some runners and non-runners.  My cousin has threatened to not run with me if I wear them around him.  They definitely satisfy the function criteria and, in an exhibitionist way, the fashion criteria too.  The last piece of kit I always have is my Buff.  This is my all time favorite and most versatile running accessory.  You can use it as a sweatband, do rag, hat, and neck gaiter.  I wore one on my head and one on my wrist or neck during my 50K.  I would wet them down or put ice in them to cool me down.

Some Awesome Products on My Radar (Function, Fashion, and Flash)


Our favorite SportKilt model, Jason Robillard.

SportKilt is the original barefoot runner accessory (See Jason’s review at Barefoot Running University).  They make a great line of kilts in all types of tartans.  Their Hiking Kilt is the gold standard for runners who enjoy a more “free” experience while out on the trails.  The Hiking Kilt is made from lightweight but durable microfiber so it is cool and quick-drying.  The primary closure on the Hiking Kilt is velcro which is more than adequate but they offer the option of buckles as well.  They will even add a hidden pocket too if you order it that way.  My keys will be safe.  Fashion, Function, and Freedom, made in the USA!


We at Barefoot Monologues do love our INKnBURN.

INKnBURN makes, without a doubt, the coolest running clothes out there.  Their page says “Don’t disappear into the crowd… Distance yourself with INKnBURN and the Art of Running.”  They are absolutely right.  Their designs are bold and powerful and would definitely get you noticed on race day.  My friend Trisha (the creator of this blog) wore their Peacock skirt to the Boston Marathon Expo and got tons of comments.  Crazy ultrarunning celebrities, Shacky and Vanessa, can almost always be seen wearing INKnBURN.  All of their designs are made in house in the good old USA.  For men, they have 41 different designs of just tech shirts.  All the designs are “printed” using their proprietary process that allows one to see but not feel the art on the clothing.  I’m assuming that this is similar to the way bicycle jerseys are printed but I’m not sure.  I’m particularly fond of the “Run or Die” shirts but I would really love to see them come out with a radical patriotic design.  A stylized eagle over the stars and stripes would be awesome.  A guy can dream, right?  INKnBURN also has a line of running shorts for men that feature elements of their artistic designs.  The shorts are made of super light moisture wicking fabric with an integral liner and pockets.  How cool would it be to have “Run or Die” on your butt!  Now that I’ve finished my 50K at Pineland, I’m seriously thinking about a pair of these badboys.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  If you like what you read, swing on my my blog and check out what I’ve got to say about gear and running related topics.
Cheers, Brad (durtyfeets)


Review: INKnBURN Running Skirts

Showing some INKnBURN love at the Wallis Sands half marathon

Despite not being a “Left Coaster,” as Californians are often called by some of us pasty and snow-ridden New Englanders, I have been a pretty big fan and admirer of INKnBURN clothing for some time now. Why? Well, because their clothing is awesome and it stands out. As it says on their website:

“Our favorite people to design for are those who don’t want to blend in with the crowd. Ever notice that in the huge pack at the start of a race you’ll see maybe 10 different shirts? We decided to change that.”

I have never been much the fan of those 10 different shirts by Nike and Adidas that hang in the racks at the local big chain athletic store, logos flashing flamboyantly away. I have bought a few of them, sure, it’s not like there’s a ton to choose from. But to be honest they’re not really my style. I mean, just because I’m kind of an athlete doesn’t mean I have to be into all that sporty looking gear. I like to dress a little more, I dunno…creatively. I mean, I go out in public wearing toe shoes – I’m not exactly your everyday fashion conformist.

And neither is this small, quality-minded clothing company. Unlike what you’ll typically find on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods, the folks over at INKnBURN create clothing with the endurance athlete in mind. With the sweaty, exhausted, 7-hours in to a 50-miler, ultra-marathoner in mind. The way they figure it, if an INKnBURN tech shirt can hold up to that level of moisture-wicking, fast-dying, low-annoyance comfort, then just about anybody can stay cool and happy in their product.

And I agree. Their stuff works pretty darn well. At least the skirts, anyway. I look forward to trying out one of their t-shirts at some point, too. Another day, another review.

Anyway as I said, I’ve been a fan of INKnBURN for awhile now. Enough of one that I talked about their creative designs in this article I wrote for, before I’d ever owned anything by them. What can I say…as an art director by trade, I admired their unique design choices.

A few weeks after the article was published, INKnBURN’s owner, Megan, wrote to thank me for the mention, and to ask if I would like to try one of their popular running skirts.

WOULD I?! Are you freaking kidding?

I tried to remain composed, while I tripped and skidded down the staircase to the living room, to tell my husband the news (I think “Ink and who?” was his actual response). I was really very excited for the chance to try their skirts. I hadn’t bought one yet because I rarely ever have it in my running budget to buy a new running skirt. Two reasons: it’s too cold to wear them in New England eight months of the year, and most running skirts never fit me well so the cost of a skirt bought online is hardly worth the monetary risk.

Now that I know better, I am here to tell you that these skirts are well worth their price tag. Make some room in your closet.

In my Peacock skirt and dirty feet at the Boston Barefoot 5K

I was lucky enough to get two of their cool skirts, one from their gorgeous Peacock line, and the other from their Asian-infused Lust line. Made entirely of soft and rather (for lack of a better word) sturdy moisture-wicking fabric, based on fit and feel alone, INKnBURN skirts are unlike any of the other running skirts in my closet. The best way to explain it is the skirt is substantial…it is a piece of truly durable, well-constructed clothing.

Compression shorts with the adorable complement pattern

The skirt layer is made of a fabric that has an interesting check pattern spun into it. Like most all running skirts, it includes a (really cute) sewn-in pair of compression shorts. Compression shorts have never been very good to me on the whole, given that I have not been blessed with those miraculous independent thighs that refrain from touching in the middle. So I never expect much out of a pair of shorts that come with a running skirt. But while these compression shorts are not defying any laws of physics (it still rides up some), it does manage to stay in place longer than most of the other skirts I have worn. Or at least, it finds a happy place to be and stays there, instead of rolling up into one of those uncomfortable bunches under my ass. But you’ll probably have much less riding up if, like most runners, you have thinner thighs than me.

At first I ordered my usual pant size, but when the skirt came it was too big. Ahh…there’s no better compliment than a clothing line that runs large! Haha. So my word of advice is that most of you can probably go down a size when you order yours. Megan and her staff were exceptionally gracious and exchanged my skirt right away for a smaller size. When I talked to Megan she also told me they are presently adding discrete drawstrings to their skirts for a more perfected fit, and my new Peacock skirt has one. It’s a sign of a good company when they constantly update and improve their products in response to customer feedback.

And maybe most importantly, INKnBURN skirts are designed and manufactured by some talented and hard working individuals, in the good old U.S. of A. These folks really seem to do things the way they should be done.

Overall, I like wearing this skirt. I’ve worn them on long runs and I’ve worn them to the grocery store. I plan to spend a lot of time in them this summer.

So check out when you have a chance, and browse through their growing selection of women’s and men’s running gear. You’ll get to look amazing and support the little guy, so it’s a win-win.