Barefoot Monologues

A Journey of the Sole


I’ve been an contributor since October of 2011, writing articles on many subjects such as running, nutrition and race recovery. After they are published, I post most of these articles here. Enjoy!

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5 common pre-race nutrition blunders
Your Guide to RAcing in the Heat
6 Best Post-Race Beers
How to Recover After a Half Marathon
Top 5 Women’s Fashion Trends
 Top 5 Half Marathon Fears and How to Conquer Them 
Why do People Run Barefoot?
How to Evaluate Your Race Season
 Running Skirts Review
 How to Find Your Mid-Foot
 How to Set Your Running Resolutions
 5 Reasons to Run Outdoors this Winter
 4 Reasons to Run This Fall
 5 Benefits of Running Alone
 What Has Running Taught You This Year?

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One thought on “Articles

  1. Excellent blog. Just thinking of making the shift to barefoot when I read this: blog on barefoot running and low carb / low salt diet, as practiced by a Scotsman in 1709! Some interesting things on trying to get him to wear shoes once found, but the comments on diet and his great condition obviously appealed to the captain of the ship. Enjoy : )

    A snippet: “When his powder failed he took them by speed of foot; for his way of living, and continued exercise of walking and running, cleared him of all gross humours, so that he run with wonderful swiftness through the woods, and up the rocks and hills, as we perceived when we employed him to catch goats for us. We had a bull dog, which we sent with several of our nimblest runners to help him catch goats; but he distanced and tired both the dog and men, catched the goats and brought ‘em to us on his back.”

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