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Sing {Prompted}


The following post is part of what I hope will be an ongoing writing exercise that my friend Kathy and I have decided to undertake together. We are currently choosing topics from a list of prompts that can be found here. I intend to use a varying array of writing styles and techniques, and to limit my editing. Therefore many of these posts may not look anything like the rest of the stuff I write on this blog. I’m okay with that, if you are. I invite those of you with blogs of your own to participate with us! But if you’re not into it that’s okay too. I’ll title these posts differently so they are easy to skip past if you wish to do so. And as always, thanks for reading!

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26 Things that Make My Heart Sing

  1. Stepping outside into a warm and sunny, cloudless blue sky day.
  2. Walking barefoot on warm pavement. In public.
  3. Glancing down at my running watch and seeing  9:00 or 8:00 pace, when I just feel like I’m jogging.
  4. Watching my dog sprint across an open field.
  5. Remembering that I live in San Diego, California. Where I have wanted to live since I was a child.
  6. The sight of the ocean. Anytime, any ocean.
  7. The look on someone’s face when they love something I’ve just given them.
  8. Running all the way up a steep hill, instead of walking.
  9. Running Flying back down.
  10. Looking around a crowded table and realizing I that love everyone there.
  11. Waking up in bed and remembering it’s Saturday.
  12. Reading the first ten pages of a novel and knowing it’s going to be a great one.
  13. Signing up for a big, exciting race.
  14. The first few scenes of a movie I’m excited to see.
  15. Randomly coming across something I’ve designed or written.
  16. Singing at the top of my lungs to one of my favorite songs, when no one is listening.
  17. Remembering that I married the greatest man that I ever met.
  18. Standing at the top of a big hill and seeing the ocean and the snowcapped mountains all at once.
  19. Meeting a new person and knowing right away that they are going to become a great friend.
  20. Getting a package in the mail, and then realizing it’s for me.
  21. Sticking my hand out of my open car window as I speed down the freeway on a warm day.
  22. Cooking for a bunch of people in my home.
  23. Spending the entire day with my husband, and nobody else.
  24. The first sip of beer after a long, hard run with my buddy Kate.
  25. Taking a great photo of myself.
  26. Sitting down for coffee and looking across the table at my greatest friend, Kathy.

4 thoughts on “Sing {Prompted}

  1. Love this! And most of these things make my heart sing too!

  2. Love this. And you.

  3. Love this! This just made me realize small blessings that we should be thankful for…
    Great post. 🙂

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