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I’ve never been one to “reblog” someone else’s post, but I think this is worthy. Thanks, VanessaRuns.

Vanessa Runs

Photo Credit: Luis Escobar Photographer

Over the past few days, the running community has been swarmed with news of Caballo Blanco’s death (Born to Run star aka Micah True).

I won’t repeat how tragic this is, or how deep of a loss the running community has suffered. But I can’t help wonder how, going forward, this event will make its mark in ultra running. What will change? And how will we move ahead?

I never had the privilege of meeting Caballo Blanco, although we chatted briefly via Facebook. I can’t claim he was a close friend, but he was someone I followed, drew inspiration from, and very much admired.

Much good has been said about Caballo, and I won’t repeat his exceptional qualities here. But in addition to those great things, I was also drawn to his quirkiness and his slightly fiercer side.

I enjoyed watching Caballo’s hardass demeanor and…

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  1. Love your poem and would love to ask you a question. Please email me if you have a free moment.


  2. Paige, I don’t have your contact information, but the email address published for this site is, and you are welcome to email me there any time. Thanks.

  3. Guy looks like he is in his 80s not 50s WTF>?

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