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Yes, sure, it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve reviewed or written anything on this blog (exactly one year to the day, actually – weird!). And it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written at all. But, just the other day I was approached by a Spartan Race promoter, inquiring as to whether I’d be interested in trying out a Spartan Race and doing a giveaway. I thought perhaps this opportunity might as well bring me back to my writing, and as a positive side-effect, back to actually running.

But more on that another day – today is the day for a free race entry!

SPARTAN is an obstacle race series popping up all over the country, and gaining crazy popularity. It’s been responsible for getting thousands of people up off their couches and on the streets and into gyms to train, get fit and reach their goals year after year. SPARTAN is not just for runners, and it’s not just for Crossfitters – it’s for everyone. They started with the Sprint, but now they have introduced many different races of different distances and levels of difficulty, so there’s a race at your level no matter who you are. And I might as well even tell you all – even I’ve decided to sign up for a SPARTAN Race! (a review/race report will be posted afterward) (and yes, I know, I did write this post knocking obstacle races awhile back, I concede!). So just to be informational, here’s the breakdown for each of the race types:

The SPARTAN SPRINT is a 3 mile race with about 15 obstacles
The SPARTAN SUPER is an 8+ mile race with about 20 obstacles
The SPARTAN BEAST is a 12+ mile race with 25+ obstacles

So, if you want to try out your first SPARTAN race, or challenge yourself to one at the next level, this contest is perfect for you! I am giving away a race entry to any one of the following promoted races:

  • 12/06/14 Malibu SPRINT – Santa Monica, CA
  • 12/07/14 Malibu SPRINT – Santa Monica, CA (both these days were about 90% full at time of publishing – you’d have to hurry on this one or be willing to choose a different location if it’s full)
  • 01/17/15 SoCal BEAST – Vail Lake, CA
  • 01/18/15 SoCal SPRINT – Vail Lake, CA
  • 01/24/15 SoCal SUPER – Vail Lake, CA (this is the race I am most likely doing, FYI)
  • 01/25/15 SoCal SPRINT – Vail Lake, CA
  • 02/07/15 Arizona SPRINT – McDowell Mountains, AZ
  • 02/08/15 Arizona SPRINT – McDowell Mountains, AZ
  • 03/07/15 Atlanta SPRINT – Atlanta, GA
  • 03/08/15 Atlanta SPRINT – Atlanta, GA
  • 04/11/15 Charlotte SPRINT – Charlotte, NC
  • 04/12/15 Charlotte SPRINT – Charlotte, NC
  • 04/18/15 Las Vegas SUPER – Las Vegas, NV

Please do me and everyone else a favor and only enter if you are willing and able to attend one of the races listed above. In order to enter, you must do at least one of the actions listed below. if you do more than one you get an entry for each thing.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t forget to leave a comment each time you complete an entry item (even if it’s multiple times, for example the FB posts, so I can keep track of each entry and count it!

  1. Repost this blog post on the Facebook (you may do this once every day for an additional entry)
  2. Repost this blog post on the Twitter (you may do this once every day for an additional entry)
  3. Post about this giveaway on your Tumblr page
  4. Follow my blog
  5. Write a comment below about either your experience with the SPARTAN races, or about why you want to run a SPARTAN race

The winner will be drawn on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH

The winner-publishing blog entry will also include a race discount promo code, so be sure to come back and check it out.

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Spartan Race Giveaway!

  1. I ran, all through high school. I was homeschooled, couldn’t do track, cross, or any other sports, so I got up every morning and ran a good 5 miles in the snow just for fun. Joined the Marine Corps, injured my back and got medically discharged after 6 years. For a full 2 years I couldn’t work out or run at all. I got depressed, almost let this stupid herniated disk ruin my life. Then it randomly shifted one day, completely took me by surprise. I started working out and running like crazy, dropped 50 lbs, and ran my first Tough Mudder in 2013. I live for OCR, and I’m going to conquer the Spartan series.

  2. I would love to win this entry and get back to racing. The last two years I’ve been race crazy. This year I’ve only run in one race. I think this would be a fun way to get back to it!

  3. To date I’ve completed 7 Spartan events. I’ve trifectaded (? Yeah going with it) the last two years in a row, last October I ran my first Beast, I was nervous, I had to travel, I had no idea what to expect. The Super earlier that year supplied the most terrifying experience I had ever had in water. By October I had learned that these races were no joke, it was the first time I had to travel for a race, I was going alone, it was daunting but I prepared as best I could. That was the race that made me fall in love with Spartan races. I’d love to win a race entry and keep my trifecta streak going into 2015!

  4. Posted to FB

  5. I did the Super Spartan two years ago with CRay and I thought we did pretty good. I would love to do it again. Spartan is so much better than the other obstacle courses out there, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something on your own…something really big. I love Spartan!

  6. I have ran 4 Spartan races since last September 2 normal sprints 1 stadium sprint at fenway park and the Vermont Beast which is the big finale to their season. I have actually fell in with an OCR community called the New England Spahtens and they are good folks. Lots of support from my like-minded idiots. The spartan races are a lot of fun and rather challenging, especially the beast which really almost broke me and took me nearly 11 hours to complete. I missed my opportunity to complete a trifecta in 2014 but I’m already signed up for a beast and a super and just have to find a sprint that is convenient to the rest of my race schedule. If you are at all interested, you should GO FOR IT!!!

  7. Hi, I’m that guy that always skims the instructions. Posted to FB today, yesterday, and the day before lol.

  8. Almost forgot to post it today, birthday shenanigans…and by that, I mean I had my son and physics class lol.

  9. Posted to Facebook today

  10. I recently completed my first Spartan Race and it was quite a challenge. It was a good feeling finishing the race and left me wanting to do another one soon.

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  12. Posted on Twitter

  13. I follow the blog via email.

  14. Shared again!

  15. i want to run one because it looks exciting and i want to see what the hype is all about.

  16. i follow your blog.

  17. Facebooked and tweeted!

  18. I wanna do the Spartan Race!!

  19. i posteded it ^_^

  20. Posted to Facebook

  21. This sounds like a lot fun, I have done tough mudder I’m curious how this race series compares.

  22. I would love to do a Spartan race because I was registered for a Spartan Sprint this year, but I was recovering from a broken foot and broken collarbone, so I opted out of the race to avoid additional injuries. I’m hoping to be able to do one (or a few) in 2015!

  23. I shared your page on Facebook, and I am following this blog. Looking forward to your future entries!! 🙂

  24. I’ve been running for almost 15 years and would love to try a Spartan!

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