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Guest Post: An IBRD Gift from Lynsey and FuzzyFeet

Hello Barefoot Runners!

This year FuzzyFeet decided to sponsor TheNakedFoot5k, so that its awesomeness could be spread across the country.  If you live under a rock and haven’t heard of Naked Foot here’s the lowdown:

NakedFoot considers itself the ‘ultimate outdoors lifestyle festival for everything that represents an active, healthy and natural lifestyle.’   It is also the nation’s first barefoot-optional 5k series.  Before and after the race you can sample clothing, food, and minimalist footwear.  Foot massages and games are available after the race.

Entering a barefoot-friendly running event is awesome; I know because I attended the St. Augustine race.  But you know what makes a race even more fun?


So, Happy IBRD to everyone.  Register for a Naked Foot race at and enter code NF5K2012 to receive $5 off your individual entry.

Also, everyone who lets me know they used this code will be entered to win a free pair of FuzzyFeet.  Simply send me a Facebook message telling me which race you entered.  I’ll randomly draw a name on May 12th.  And I promise, no spam!

Happy running!

Leave a comment Your Guide to Racing in the Heat & Pre-Race Nutrition Blunders

This week I wrote a couple of race-related articles for Basically they tell you how not to show your inner noob. Enjoy!

Your Guide to Racing in the Heat
5 Common Pre-Race Nutrition Blunders 

Leave a comment What Has Running Taught You This Year?

Hello, readers

So, just for fun I’ve been doing some freelance writing for for awhile now. My latest article, “What Has Running Taught You This Year?” came out today. In it, i talk about some things that running can teach you about life. Check it out.

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Thanks for reading!